BLOG – 10 songs that made an impact

I saw this post  on Facebook, infact I was tagged in it, but i’ve decided to post this on here. Here are my top 10 songs and bands in no order that have played a major role in my life one way or another.


1) Slipknot – Psychosocial

2011 at Sonisphere, it was raining super heavy when they played this song. I ended up crying because it was emotional, actually that whole set was emotional. It was a massive experience for me. People were moshing and I was at the edge of the pit, singing the chorus as loud as I could, with my eyes closed. It was a total life changing moment because after that festival, I pushed myself to get better, it took a year, but it was the start of things

2) Alter Bridge – Open your eyes

I was 13, when this song came out, and it was the moment I became a fan of Alter Bridge. It was Myles Kennedy voice that just instantly made me interested in the band. They were the first band to really show me a message in their songs.

3) Simple Plan – Addicted

11 years old , watching a music channel that doesn’t exist anymore and the music video for Addicted came on and this song basically was the start of me listening to rock and metal…Slipknot and Queen gave me that taster when I was 8 but Simple Plan confirmed it.


4) Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody

I remember in 1999, I went to a birthday party, and Wayne’s World was on, and that scene came on and the song blew me away haha.

5) David Bowie – Life on Mars

A friend showed me in sixth form this song by David Bowie. At the time, I was a major metal elitist douchebag, who would only listen to metal and hated everything that wasn’t. Then he showed me this song, and it was that moment, when I stopped being a elitist and decided to delve in to different music genres. So basically if Leo didn’t show me this song, I think i’ll still be one of those metal elitist twats who are insufferable

6) Dir En Grey – Child Prey

A friend showed me Dir En Grey songs in 2006, and that was the start of me , listening to Japanese metal/rock bands.


7) Pendulum – Immersion album

A friend and I would listen to this album in the car, and jam out to it in our night drives. We saw them in 2010 at Wembley, and it was one of the best concerts I’ve been to

8) Angels and Airwaves – The Adventure

I had pretty much hated every project that Tom and Mark were in after Blink 182 split up, but after I got through 2 Angels and Airwaves albums because of a friend, it helped me to not hate on music just because of circumstances. A result of that made me more open minded about music.


9) Westlife – Flying without wings

The first actual CD of a band I actually wanted when the self titled album came out….and i got it for Christmas that year.. but I didn’t buy my own CDs until 2004.


10) Scroobius Pip – Magician’s Assistant

This song was a major impact, but in general Scroobius Pip led me in to writing poetry, listening to spoken word and hip hop in general.


What songs made an impact in your life and why?


Sarah Tsang

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