GIG REVIEW – Pink Cigar at Hawley Arms 30/10/14

Have you ever stumbled in to a venue and by the end of the night become a fan of a band you’ve never heard before?
For me, this happened at the Hawley Arms, with my only intention to meet friends and have a drink straight after going to see a Escape the Fate gig down the road in Camden.
At the back of the venue, sitting outside with a pint,  I heard the punk sounds of attitude and guitar noises which led me back in to the room , pushing through a crowd of people to get to the front (which is something you can’t really do in a massive venue like the gig down the road earlier). A band called Pink Cigar fed their music in to people’s minds with presence and attitude, and it was those few hours that Pink Cigar made a massive impact in that small room. Frontman , Sharkie Cottrell took control of the audience and displayed everything the band is. Musically this band pushed the edges of rock and punk and renewed it in a way that caught the audience off guard, with head bangers and a few songs that makes you want to break things in the room (I didn’t). Local bands are always something to look for in the music scene, watching a band build up to where they can be. Pink Cigar have imprinted their stay at Hawley Arms and there will be more to come from this band.

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