Feature of the Day – Marilyn Manson – Third Day of a Seven Day Bridge (2014)

On 26th October 2014, Marilyn Manson released a new single, in animated format with the revealing of a new logo. The images displayed appear to be related to an up-coming photoshoot, possibly for the up-coming album that was announced to be in the making earlier this year via social media – 22nd June 2014. Followed by new US tour dates – one including guest guitarist and actor, Johnny Depp – , and after a vector art poster for his character, Ron Tully in US television series Sons of Anarchy (20th June 2014), and European tour dates 29th January – 2nd April 2014.

The new song sounds strongly influenced by classical rock eras of country, blues and goth, the sounds meshed together, with there being a sadder, darker undertone of the lyrics, jesting to a mournful state of mind, which differs strong for Manson’s more established involvement in industrial rock and heavy metal. Normally characterized and renowned for his disturbed vocals, whether it they are soft, or just down right insane (in a good way), this song invokes a more human side to him. The narrative also hints to a conceptual album, where we could be following a character’s journey, rather than each song being individually placed.

Third Day of a Seven Day Bridge, is available for download on: http://www.marilynmanson.com/

Marilyn Manson has also been recently featured in the opening credits of US television series, Salem (2014) – 24th April 2014, which presently is only available as a snippet, and can only be heard in full live. It again hints to a new musical direction for the singer.

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