Feature(s) of the Day – Danger Silent – Weather the Storm & Somewhere New (2014)

Danger Silent, is a solo project of former lead vocalist, guitarist of Autumns Fall, Christ (J.) Vaughn, who left the band in 2007. His solo project explores multiple genres of metal and rock, crossing over between metalcore, experimental, thrash, emo, post-hardcore and alternative rock.

Following the success of the double album releases Oceans & Flares (2013), and collaboration with lead vocalist, Zues Ozuna of alternative metal/metalcore band Defect In You (and now Danger Silent, as of 2014) on their debut album Fall Through Delirium (2013) – an album I reviewed back in April – Vaughn, recently premiered his new extended play Re-Align, available for purchase on iTunes on 1st October 2014, under label Deviant Music Productions (www.deviantMP.com)

A few days prior, an official lyric video for first promotional single Weather the Storm was featured on YouTube and Danger Silent’s official Facebook page.

Weather the Storm is very tender, with melodic vocals, and is closer to the roots of post-hardcore, and has influences alternative rock and symphonic rock, with the occasional growling intervals.

On 13th October, a visual music video for the extended play’s second promotional single, Somewhere New was revealed. The narrative features something reflective and melancholic; showing Chris Vaughn remembering recently ended romantic relationship or friendship, recalling the better memories. The song gives a taster the harsher instrumentals of metal, intermingling playful with pop, indie and electronic rock sounds.

It has been confirmed that Danger Silent is working on a new album, which will come out early next year, and will feature Zues Ozuna, and Nick Stecki, who last collaborated with Chris Vaughn on These Dreams are Nightmares (2010), with AMV Recordings. 

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