GIG REVIEW – Feed The Rhino at The Underworld 17/10/14

There are a loss for words to describe this show that happened at The Underworld. The feeling of being broken as I write this despite that I should be getting used to it is evidence how the concert went.
Before I get in to talking about Feed The Rhino, there was one band on the bill that completely took the stage and the crowd, and that band was Baby Godzilla. Having never listened to Baby Godzilla before , I wasn’t sure what I was expecting but from the get go, the band owned the stage like they were the main band, completely causing chaos , especially when drummer, Tom Marsh took all his kit in to the middle of the crowd and played from there. Basically, that’s how all support bands should get the attention of new fans.
Feed The Rhino, took the fans in to the palm of their hands and  shook them about like rag dolls with every song, this band continuously bought  energy to the stage , and remained consistently in charge in what they do as a band. Each member had a stage presence which showed how memorable their act is from every show to get fans to keep coming up. A lot of the fans kept coming on to the stage to stage dive and it was entertaining to see. Songs such as The Burning Sons, Another requiem and Revelation not revolution were highlights of the set.
Feed The Rhino are growing with every tour, and there’s no doubt how far this band will exceed bigger expectations as the future rolls on especially with the new album.

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