FESTIVAL REVIEW – Breakout Festival 2014

Nostalgia can be a dirty word where it can take away true emotions and pushes you memories of what seemed like it was great at the time, however it doesn’t have to be. Just like Breakout Festival , took away that nostalgia and replaced it with a new found respect.  Being at Breakout felt like it took me back to the days of 2005 especially with the line up and the fans that surrounded it, but having said that, the music was what led me to believe of the success of Breakout. For a first time festival, there were no problems with sound issues and the atmosphere around the place was ecstatic. There were two stages but we were mainly at the main stage and even though both stages were not that far from eachother , it didn’t distract fans from overhearing both at the same time.
Overall Breakout Festival was made to be enjoyable, delivering great music from rock and metal bands, it showed  much potential for next year and what it would bring. The bands that definitely stood out for me were –

Silent Screams – 7/10
The thing that made this band enjoyable was because of the stage presence ,working well together as a band, and vocals of both vocalists. It was a fun experience and having never heard of this band beforehand, it made me more curious about Silent Screams.

Glamour of the kill – 8/10
This band gave me a nostalgia hit for the fact it has been 10 years since I last listened to this band. The performance was entertaining and with their legion of fans, it showed me how much they’ve improved and carried on with the style of music for the past 10 years.

Betraying the martyrs – 9/10 
 A definite highlight of the festival, this band showed a lot of intensity, their passion for the live music is shown evidently on stage, teasing the fans and pushing with energy. Being involved in a wall of death started by BTM was hilarious aswell as fun, and the most amusing and memorable moment will always be the band covering their own version of Let it go from the Frozen film.

Recommended bands to check out – InMe, Collisions, The One Hundred.

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