Features of the Day – Lunatic Soul – Cold & Shutting Out The Sun (2014)

Lunatic Soul, founded by Mariuzs Duda, lead vocalist and bassist of progressive rock band Riverside (2001 – Present), Maciej Szelenbaum and Wawryyniec Dramowicz, in 2008 as a solo related side project, released their first promotional single Cold, from the upcoming fourth album Walking on a Flashlight Beam  on  the 2nd September 2014 under the record label Kscope, also behind the acts Pineapple Thielf, Blackfield, Anathema (post death-doom), Katatonia, Ian Anderson, Porcupine Tree, Steve Wilson and Nosound.

The album is a prequel to the previous releases, Lunatic Soul (2008), Lunatic Soul II (2010), and Impressions (2011), and tells the journey of dying souls who must adjust to life after death, and this album completes the tale, by reciting the story of those who came to collect them. Duda combines the sounds traditional to progressive rock, while exploring with ambient sounds, giving what little is given of this new album (including the new teaser track Shutting Out The Sun, released 30/9/2014) an atmospheric and uneasy feel, present in the previous three albums.

(New teaser – 30th September 2014)

Walking on a Flashlight Beam, is available on pre-order on Kscope’s official website (www.burningshed.com/store/kscope) and will be out on 13th October 2014 on CD/DVD pack & double vinyl (the second of each consisting of a 25 minute interview of Duda speaking of working on the album, and the differences between the two bands), the vinyl(s) being of 180g gatefold LP version, and is digitally available on iTunes.

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