Extended Play Review – Basement – Further Sky (2014)

Availability: Spotify, Run For CoverBanquet Records, iTunes, Bandcamp


Basement, a British post-hardcore band formed in 2009, inspired by the emotive hardcore and grunge acts of the 1990s. Further Sky is their first collaboration since their two year hiatus after their 2012 This is Goodbye tour, and associated Colourmeinkindness album.

Released 28th July 2014, it is a contrast with their debut Songs About the Weather (2010) and their previous last album Colourmeinkindness, which carry darker undertones, associated with their contribution to melodic hardcore – Further Sky intakes a refreshing, and sublime softness, illustrated by Summer’s Colour, the extended play’s opening track. This may reflect on band’s hiatus, the break giving the member’s time to recompose and start again on a clean slate.

The atmosphere of the EP reflects a feel good vibe, if not without the gruffness shown in Andrew Fisher’s vocals on Jet, demonstrating a verbal journey of the protagonists. From the onset, it gives a visual setting of a plausible group of friends enjoying a road trip, and not giving a care about the world.

Final track, Animal Nirate is a cover of Suede, an English alternative rock, which was originally released on the debut of the same name in 1993.

Further Sky is also available as a 7’ vinyl, found on their label’s Run for Cover store.

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