ALBUM REVIEW – Howard Billington – A Perfect Response

After two released singles in promotion of the album, A Perfect Response is finally here after 2 years since Welcome to the end. The first thing that is about Howard Billington’s music that is most significant is that throughout each album, it is always different which will always makes you constantly interested and curious as his career goes on.  It is clear from the first song, Tequila Chihuahua that we, as listeners will be involved in this journey that will be fun and unexpected, because it is true, it is definitely unexpected. Tequila Chihuahua is amusing, and after hearing the demo earlier this year, the final product is polished.

The song then leads you in to the next track, which what I said earlier that it is unexpected, So you know , a song full of definite loud emotion of rapping , singing and guitar. It can be easily imagined, that at a concert, full of fans headbanging to this song and singing these words back. Throughout this album, you can learn to make your own thoughts of what you believe

A Perfect Response is towards to. There are many songs that can be suited for anyone, wherever you like rock, pop or rap. It shows consistency and catchy music that makes it emotive with lyrics that stand out especially in songs such as Head for shore. Its enthusiasm of every song makes it fresh for the listener. Highlights include, Hit the lottery, because with headphones,  the grooves instantly hits you, The Kicker and Never Coming Around.
A Perfect Response as a whole is refreshing and has the potential to gain a bigger audience from this.


Recommended Songs – So you know, Hit the lottery, Head for shore, The kicker,  Moth, and Won’t fall down.

Listen and download the album here –


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