NEWS – Slipknot reveal album details

The 5th Slipknot album will be released on October 20th and it has  been named 5:Gray Chapter (A tribute to Paul Gray).
The album will have 14 tracks with two bonus tracks on the deluxe edition.

5: The Gray Chapter tracklist

  1. XIX
  2. Sarcastrophe
  3. Aov
  4. The Devil In I
  5. Killpop
  6. Skeptic
  7. Lech
  8. Goodbye
  9. Nomadic
  10. The One That Kills The Least
  11. Custer
  12. Be Prepared For Hell
  13. The Negative One
  14. If Rain Is What You Want
  15. Override (bonus track)
  16. The Burden (bonus track)

Slipknot also have released their newest official single, Devil in I. Listen below –

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