Feature of the Day – Poets of the Fall – Daze (2014)

Poets of Fall, a Finnish alternative rock band, have released the first promotional single for their new album Jealous Gods, Daze, today (22/08/2014). It is available to download on iTunes, and Spotify.

The band formed in 2003, coming into international prominence with their song Late Goodbye, which appeared on Remedy Entertainments’ Max Payne: The Fall of Max Payne and later their debut album Signs of Life (2005). Working under their own record label, Insomniac , the band have released six albums – Signs of Life, Carnival of Rust (2006), Revolution Roulette (2008), Twilight Theatre (2010), Temple of Thought (2012) and Jealous Gods, and a compilation album Alchemy Vol 1 (2011), which comes in CD & DVD format, and one live album Live in Moscow (2013).

Poets of the Fall also have featured under their pseudonym Old Gods of Asgard for Remedy Entertainments’ other game project Alan Wake, released 2010. In episode four with The Poet and the Muse, and episode five as themselves, War, which came to become a promotional single for Twilight Theatre. Balance Slays the Demon, and The Happy Song (which later appears on Temple of Thought) slated onto the soundtrack of the unofficial sequel Alan Wake’s American Nightmare (2012).

Jealous Gods is due to be released on 19th September 2014.

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