FESTIVAL REVIEW – Hevy Fest 2014

After a year since the last cancelled Hevy Fest, the festival came back in a smaller setting but with just as many bands of different genres. Small festivals are just as fun and great as bigger festivals, you’ll basically bump in to the same people you have seen like 2 hours before, and you’ll never get lost. Hevy Fest was definitely proper intense and with three stages of bands, there was plenty to see and have a great experience. On both days, a lot of the hardcore and metal bands played at second and third stages, leaving mostly the punk and metal bands on the mainstage. It was a bit strange to see that a lot of fans were sitting down for the main stage bands and that most of the fans were in the second and third stage tents. This didn’t stop any of the energy from the bands though. Overall Hevy Fest has worked hard from past issues and delivered  a great weekend with emerging bands. Here’s to the future. These the bands that I saw that I believed that that stood out from the festival.

Oathbreaker 8/10
Having never seen or heard Oathbreaker before, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen, but they gave this performance that totally opened up for what a festival should be and definitely made Hevy Fest a festival that stands out. The music was intense with mesmerising vocals that made me more curious about the band. Frontwoman, Caro Tanghe, with her hair in her face in the entire performance made the set even more eerie.

TRC 9/10
The aggression that this band bought on to the stage, made the fans go crazy and amount of mosh and circle pits in the tent was a great sight to see. The passion through their stage presence and music was evident to how they work well as a band.

Kvelertak 8/10
Strangely I had heard this band before knowing their band name just for the fact I’ve seen photos of Erlend Hjelvik starting the show with an owl on his head. Everything that this band showed in their performance was exactly what I imagined as soon as I saw those photos. It was creative and dark.

Feed The Rhino 9/10
Feed The Rhino returned to Hevy Fest and showed the reason why they always on point in what they do. They were in control on their fans and charged the stage with energy and ferocity. Front man , Lee often would come to the barriers to hang with the fans, and even go in to the pit to get the fans going. He’s the type of frontman that will always makes you wonder what he will do next.,Each band member had a way of pushing the show to the highest entertainment. They know how to put on a show,and anyone who has witnessed this band before will always know about the chaos.

Palm Reader 8/10
This band was always something I would hear from word of mouth but never had the chance to see them. They were the main highlight of Saturday that held a lot of fan’s attention. They had this edge that kept the crowd and just being in their faces of already accepted fans. It was fun watching them create a scene especially with the mosh pits that formed in the tent (that i nearly got caught up in).

Bands of Hevy that you should check out -Empire,  Brutality will prevail,  The Catharsis, The Hell , Save your breath, Maybeshewill and Mooseblood


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