Feature of the Day – Slipknot – The Negative One (2014)

Since 6th July, with confirmation of Knotfest in Japan, October 2014 with Slipknot being the headliner band, new material materalised in regards to their up-coming album. On their official Facebook page, Slipknot premiered snippets of the first teaser trailer (16th July), the second released 18th, and 23rd for the third and final teaser. The footage coincided with cryptic messages tneitouQ ehT/tnecsaN ehT/tneicserP ehT (The Quotient, The Nascent, The Prescient), noitidnoC/cilobmyS/citsyC ehT (The Cystic, Symbolic, Condition), Egregious/Replete With/These Lesions (26th July), and Succumb To/The Selfish/Creation (30th July) with more screen-captures.

Today, Slipknot released their promotional single The Negative Ones on their official website, to be their first in six years since the death of their founding bassist Paul Gray.

The sound introduced into this song has been noticeably compared to their self-entitled (1999), and Iowa (2001), with hints to their last album All Hope is Gone (2008), wishing to go back to their old roots of heavy metal and nu metal, whilst keeping cleaner vocals established in their later releases.

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