Orange County, NY hardcore punk band, Entropy has a way of catching people off guard with their music, in a good way. Their new album, All Work, No Plagiarism is a 16 track album with short songs that all last less than 2 minutes apart from the last song, Crazy Eddie’s Business School. Each song has a way of impacting the listener despite how short these songs are, but it keeps you more curious about Entropy. There’s enough in this band to notice the passion through the music. especially through, “Dressed to Depress” with the lyrics, “fuck your sense of pride, you’ll never fucking take mine”. A song that is definitely a highlight of this album and you can imagine that when played live, those words can be screamed back to the band.  Crazy Eddie’s Business School  is a total surprise and brings in a different atmospheric surrounding to the album, however as it’s the last song on the album, it leaves you wanting more.
There is much potential in this band to grow further in what they do, and it’s always good to see something different happening especially with this album.


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