FESTIVAL REVIEW – Leefest 2014

Leefest came back in its 9th year with bigger names added to its line up. This time, unlike last year, the weather wasn’t as harsh and with the set up of the stage times, it allowed people to watch headliners without worrying about travelling back to London. A lot of the highlights were the silent disco which is always amusing to take part in where people dance to different music with headphones, the disco dodgeball which was totally surreal and of course the yearly paintfight that got super intense this time and how from people’s perspectives , it was what they would always look forward to apart from the bands.  Here are the bands that I believe that stood out among the three bands.


LOLA – 8/10
Having headlined the main stage last year, the band opened the Lava Lounge with just as much energy that they had last year. With much improvement in their stage presence and through the creativity of their songs, there was a bigger audience that gave a good response as they danced along to the music. Through each of their performances , I believe this band will go far.

Frightened Rabbit- 9/10

As reasons why Leefest had the biggest crowd this year, it was for Frightened Rabbit, who headlined Friday night. It was a great way to end Friday, as I watched people dance on hay barns, it reminded me that live music always has a way of giving people some kind of escapism.

Young Fathers – 10/10

I’ve heard about the excitement that surrounded this band and so i went out to see their set out of curiosity, and it filled every expectation that I had of this band. They had this intensity and passion in their performances, and they filled the whole of Lava Lounge tent to the brim, with fans watching outside. The performance was energetic and they were the highlight of Friday.


We were evergreen – 7/10

The soft sounds of We were evergreen was what made their set interesting to watch. Despite the crowd was sitting down to watch the band, the band gave a great atmospheric surroundings during the warm days. The voices of Michael Liot and Fabienne Debarre blended well together which carried the performance and ended up  wanting me to listen for me.

Mø – 9/10

Everything about this performance came to a surprise as i wasn’t expecting what I saw. Karen  Ørsted gave so much energy on stage, she had a great stage pre scene , she entertained the crowd, and her voice made the music stand out among the acts of Saturday.

Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip -10/10

Surprisingly they had quite a bit of energy left despite playing a show at a festival earlier in the day. Headlining the main stage, the setlist was diverse of songs from the new album, and old songs. Each song , spurred on the crowd especially Gold Teeth. I noticed two fans who mimicked every word from every song which was impressing to watch. Their laid back attitudes is what makes them likeable but worked hard in their performances.  Highlight of Saturday night.


By the Rivers – 8/10

Sundays are usually for chill out days and curing your hangover. By the Rivers were the band that helped cure this, by sitting on the grass and having a beer while watching the band. The calming sounds that came from the band displayed a relaxing surrounding with the crowd. The band were fun and enjoyable to watch.

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