GIG REVIEW – BST-Hyde Park with Black Sabbath 4/07/14

If you haven’t noticed, BST – Hyde Park clashed with Sonisphere  and unsurprisingly , a lot of people I’ve bumped in to at Hyde Park told me that they would be going to Sonisphere for the weekend. The main reason being for this was the fact that Black Sabbath headlined BST. A line up with Faith No More and Black Sabbath together, was always going to attract much fans. It’s not often a decent festival line up happens in London in terms of the  rock and metal scene, so when something like this happens, it is always good to lap it all up.

With the many bands that played on the smaller stages with highlights such as Broken Hands at the Barclaycard Theatre, who were energetic on the stage, and Bo Ningen who played at Village Hall, who will be performing at Sonisphere on Sunday, they gave a performance of what to be expected for the show at Sonisphere.

There was something about Faith No More that made them such a surreal performance, all members came out dressed as priests and having never seen them live and only heard a few songs, it was something I wasn’t expecting. The moment the band played “Zombie Eaters”, I knew that this was a band that would be creative in their shows, it was nice to hear them play the first song that got me interested in them. Lead Singer, Mike Patton has this aura around him which makes it amusing to watch , which made it evident to see as he screamed “the power of christ compel you” as he threw water over the audience.

I think I would have been more interested in Soundgarden if I watched from the beginning of the performance instead of being stuck in the queue for beer, although Chris Cornell has a brilliant voice and was admiring to listen throughout the set, the band left this kind of hole of what i hoped for the band to be live, perhaps they are better in a indoor live setting instead of a festival that are full of fans that were there for Black Sabbath.
It started raining for Black Sabbath but it didn’t stop anyone from enjoying themselves. Each band member was impressive to watch especially the drummer who did a few drum solos that built the excitement throughout the set. Ozzy can still sing and his appreciation for fans and his wife was apparent. War Pigs was always going to get crowds going as the first song of the set. Behind the wall of sleep, God is dead? and Children of the grave were definite highlights of the show.

The set ended with Paranoid and fireworks blasting out of Hyde Park that made me realise how much I have a appreciation for bands that paved a way for a generation.

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