GIG REVIEW – Aerosmith at Calling Festival 2014

British weather has arrived with the rain bringing it down on festivals, and on this day, Aerosmith headlined Calling Festival. I’ve seemed to have noticed that for the most part, the legion of fans arrived an hour before the band is due to be on. As I stood, waiting for the band to come on, I look around to see that basically I’m surrounded by middle aged to older fans and it was a reminder of realisation that  Aerosmith have been going on for a very long time but at the same time, has this awareness that they’re still as good as they first started out. There were of course many young fans, including myself, which shows the influence Aerosmith has over the decades.
The band came out to the sound of enthusiastic cheers from the fans, loud and crazy. There’s something about Steven Tyler that draws you to him, whether it’s through his vocals or his stage persona that makes it so intense to see, i’m sure everyone’s eyes were fixated on him through out the set. A sense of coolness as he kept swinging the mic over the shoulder and screaming in to the cameras. Everyone’s playing worked well together especially Brad Whitford, as he moved around the stage.  Songs such as “Love in an elevator, Cryin, and Freedom Fighter” were great songs to witness especially with the way the band provided such entertainment.
However , this isn’t any fault of the band, but perhaps the crowd that were around me, were less as interested, of the band as the set went on, it was strange to see that the band had a bigger applause for Come Together, a Beatles cover than for the rest of the set. That was redeemed though, when sounds of the fans came together as one to sing “I don’t want to miss a thing”, it  quite a moment to witness. The stability of a band held together through years of great records and supportive fans. There was sure highlight that stole the whole show, and perhaps it’s because I am bias, but the moment the sounds of “Dream on” came on, it gave me a warm sense of feeling  of sudden chills through the way the band played and the way the fans sang in unison
As the show ended, judgemental thoughts dispersed away and the respect for a band that influenced the scene grew.

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