Feature of the Day – Anathema – The Lost Song (Part 3) (2014)

The Lost Song (Part 3), was released as the promotional single of Anathema’s latest album Distant Satellites on 20th May 2014.

Anathema, alongside bands Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride came into prominence as one of the founding bands of the metal genre death/doom (sometimes referred to as death-doom or deathdoom) in the mid-80s. For the first two albums, Serenades (1993) and The Silent Enigma (1995), they remained death/doom until their third album Eternity (1996) introduced alternative rock and metal.

From Alternative 4 (1998) onwards, progressive rock has since been their musical direction, leading them to recreate some of their previous albums in this format; Hindsight (2008), and Falling Deeper (2011).

Distant Satellites, the album released 9th June 2014 is a follow up of We’re Here Because We’re Here (2010), and Weather Systems (2012). Combining ambient/atmospheric rock and acoustic instrumentals. The album is available to download on iTunes, and in physical form (2 x CD and DVD disc deluxe, with 44 page hardback book in rigid slipcase; Media book 2 x disc edition; and Live-play double vinyl, with booklet).

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