BLOG – Thoughts on Ashley Malie London exhibition

Today I went to the photo exhibition of the late Ashley Malie, a music photographer who was well celebrated for his work by fans and bands. It was quite an eye-opener to see his work in that room, and as i walked around, reading messages from people who well respected him for everything that he did, it was an inspiration to see his creativity through out all of his photos wherever it ‘ll be portraits or live shots. There were a few photos that stood out especially Lamb of God, Biffy Clyro , Ozzy Osbourne ,Zakk Wylde and there were ones I couldn’t take my eyes off from just because of the intensity of his work. It was nice to see some of these photos that I’ve recognised from over the years in magazines.  It reminded me in that room , in those few hours, to never give up on my dream as a photographer , to keep going no matter the barriers that include the doubts in my head. Hard work pays off and there will be always eventuality.  Just from looking at each of the photos , you can sense his personality through the way he shot them and the fact that these bands majorly respected and liked him genuinely.

His photos that display character –
Ozzy Osbourne - Portraits


© Ashley Maile



Sarah Tsang


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