Song of the Day – Whose Heart Were His – Tongues Like Knives (2014)

Submitted onto Soundcloud over a couple of months ago (April 2014), Gabe Fry (of The Shallows, and Solace and Stable) has found himself with a moderate following on Facebook, Twitter and now YouTube under his solo pseudonym Whose Heart Were His.

Fry states that his solo prospects are to be like a chameleon, ranging from progressive thrash, to ambient rock. As of current, they are to be like grit meeting thrash, experimenting with metalcore and death metal, being that of his debut single Tongues like Knives.

In TLK alone, beneath roaring vocals, and fast instrumental, Gabe excels in introducing in short spurts softer notes, hinting to progressive influences (progressive metal, and djent).

The debut album is to be announced soon.


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