GIG REVIEW – Melt-Banana at Heaven 28/05/14

It’s not often when you see a band in a venue where you least expect to be at,  but considering the band that  is Melt- Banana, we shouldn’t be anymore surprised of what we are getting ourselves in to. So in the back streets of Charing Cross, Heaven is the venue that is hosting this band tonight.

After the atmospheric sounds of support band, Teeth of the sea, the excitement of the crowd waiting for Melt- Banana( who can be seen setting up on stage) can be felt within the walls of Heaven.
And so from the get go, Melt-Banana dominated the stage, in a way I’ve never experienced before. From the moment, the sounds of the  first song was played, it was like that scene in Scott Pilgrim vs the World in the band practice scene. The intensity of this band deliverd to their audience where there was not one person standing still. Yasuko Onuki  and Ichirou Agata are the two band members that evidently show that you don’t need a full band or even more than four band members to create epic music. Yasuko held a lit up MIDI controller through out the show as she danced whilst Ichirou wore a surgical mask as he played the guitar with such complexity and fun. Both members give off a stage presence that involved the crowd who invited themselves to be bombarded with energy and chaos. As I look around, knowing smiles are received as the band played familiar songs where each song makes every member of the audience  go in to a huge frenzy, as for myself, I nearly knocked out the guy beside me with hair. Midway through the set, the band played a showcase of rapid fire short songs, which was funny to experience , as soon as the song ended, Yasuko would quickly introduce the song as “thank you , this is …” which ended with fans cheering in amusement. As everything ended, there is a realisation, how humble this band is and the experience that each fan has been through with Melt-Banana.
Just as they sound on their records, Melt-Banana are just as crazy on stage, but it could never justify what could be seen.


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