Song of the Day – Porcelain Black – One Woman Army (2014)

Originally known as her industrial rock pseudonym Porcelain and the Tramps from 2006 – 2009, Alaina Beaton disgarded it to venture officially solo, and signed up with RedOne’s off-shoot label, 2101 to explore other prospects.

Being a fan of both pop music, rock and metal, Black’s music is distinct for blending the three genres together. She is best known for her single This Is What Rock N Roll Looks Like ft. Lil Wayne (2011), and has since gone quiet to focus on her debut album Mannequin Factory, which has in the works since the year she signed up with RedOne, 2009.

One Woman Army, along with other singles Mama Forgive Me, How Do You Love Someone, Rich Boi and Pretty Lil Psycho were originally released as live performances performed in West Hollywood, 2013, with Mannequin Factory coming out as a lyric video with a teaser for the album cover. Since then, OWA has returned as an official lyric video in a form of a photo-shoot, featuring her fiance and other metalhead/rock themed male models on 12th March 2014.

OWA exercises her talents in hip-hop, and softer vocals compared to her older works, which was known for its guttural, harsher sound, while incorporating her rock/metal up-bringing.

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