Song of the Day – Lindsey Stirling ft Lzzy Hale – Shatter Me (2014)

Lindsey Stirling, a talented contemporary classical musician and performing artist came to light in 2007, winning the fifth season of America’s Got Talent in 2010 with a creative fusion of hip-hop and classical music. She regularly collaborates with cinematographer Devin Graham with her music videos, starting with her debut “Spontaneous Me”, released in 2011, and has dabbled in many music genres including dubstep (Crystallize, 2012). Stirling has also featured various artists; acapella singer Peter Hollens (Skyrim – 2012, A Thousand Years, Games of Thrones – 2012 and Star Wars), singer Tay Zonday (Mama Economy), Sam Tsui (Heads Up), Tyler Ward (Thrift Shop, 2013), and John Legend (All of Me, 2013), to name a few. On the 23rd April 2014, Lindsey Stirling released a new music video, featuring Lzzy Hale, the vocalist of alternative rock/post-grunge band Halestorm. Stirling’s music videos have become more adventurous as the years went on, starting from the beautiful scenery of on-location sets, to simply defined special effects…to this. An extraordinary mix of CGI, prop and nature all in one, with heavy influences in steam punk subculture entwined in a glorious fairytale. Lindsey’s strong instrumentals with Hale’s vocals are just beautiful together, and it is probably a direction Hale would go into again, because her voice works so well, and brings a new meaning to classical music. Lindsey Stirling’s second album Shatter Me is being released on 29th April 2014, to be available in physical copy and digital download.

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