GIG REVIEW – 65daysofstatic at KOKO 27/03/14

Over the last couple of years, there has been an uprising through the interest of post-rock/instrumental bands, although Sigur Ros comes to mind as the most well known to a lot of people, but there are bands are coming through. These sort of bands are holding an interest in to the public mind and changing the views of what everyone believes what music has recently become. Music has a way of delivering something that always changes in the industry and tonight 65daysofstatic did exactly that at KOKO.
For 65daysofstatic and their fans, it was a  celebration of  the 10 year anniversary of the first record, The Fall of Math and it was split in to two parts. The first part being that they played the whole of Fall of Math which created much the reason why post rock is the way that it is, the intensity that meets the chaos and for it to be in a live setting with 65days , it was something that will always catch someone offguard for the fact that it pushed boundaries, musically and emotionally.

For the die-hard fans , this was like a dream, to hear an album all the way through. As soon as the band opened with Another code against the gone, it was clear to see how this whole show would play out, with the passion that this band has, the fans followed through and as I stood among fans on the balcony, it was something great to witness. For the second part of the show, and after a 10 minute interval, the band came back on to play songs from their latest album, Wild Light. You can see the progression and changes of both albums, from the first and last. The energy that 65days has throughout their career is evident in this live show.  An highlight song of the second part was The Undertow, with the build up of piano pieces that steadily throws you in to a crashing of instruments, it felt like a sort of battle.
10 years is a lot for a band to be together and to work together consistently well through record and live, gives us a an insight of what the next 10 years will be like.

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