BLOG – Touring with Cypher16



For the past week , I went on my first tour as a photographer for Cypher16. A lot of exciting things happened during this tour and it led me to have this full on passion for music and photographer even more. Over the course of 6 days , it has always been a challenge as a photographer to get to the right point of where I needed to be. Each venue had its issues but I learnt to always enjoy myself and to be the best of my potential. As the days went on, each song on the setlist becomes a sort of story to what it leads to. Hanging out with band members but never being in the way as a photographer, and a band called 61inch that were funny to talk to. I’ve learnt so much in such a small time, and being able to experience this has made me want to do this even more in the future. We slept in people’s places rather the van which was just as well as it was great to take in the sights especially Will’s place which was in the middle of nowhere and you could see the stars. Other highlights were Reading and Liverpool, in terms of how the audience were attentive and it felt like it was worth the hard work of the band. Birmingham was a place where it was a great memory for mostly……drunk reasons and how it was totally mental that whole night that I could remember. Photography wise, it has given me so much passion for what I want to do, especially with just taking candid shots of the band members. It’s a huge realisation this is where I want to be.

IMG_4387 IMG_4421 IMG_4477 IMG_4560 IMG_4588 IMG_4764 IMG_5009 IMG_5014 IMG_5024 IMG_5029 IMG_5118 IMG_5143 IMG_5260 IMG_5388 IMG_5408 IMG_5496 IMG_5511 IMG_5530 IMG_5543 IMG_5544 IMG_5678 IMG_6016 IMG_6025


Sarah Tsang

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