GIG REVIEW – Behemoth at The Forum, London 10/02/14

The smell of incense  from the stage covers the whole venue of The forum, til headaches are formed, (well my own), this is the aftermath of the previous bands such as Cradle of Filth who tore the place down with Dani Filth screaming from beginning til end. The adrenaline in the room has reached to the highest point where you can feel it and see the fans bursting with excitement for Behemoth.
It is special thing to know that this is Behemoth’s only show in the UK, and to be in London , this is where you need to be, among fans that have a taste for music that doesn’t bring you out as judgemental.
Behemoth came on to the stage in the eerie lights and with two members standing at the back of the stage , it was something that was you could easily tell, that this show would the biggest thing you would ever witness. The band opened with Blow your trumpets, Gabriel , the newest single from their current album, The Satanist. A very appropriate for Behemoth to put this song out first, for the fact that it worked well for their opener, rewarding long winded sounds of dark and intense music grabs hold of the audience in a the type of grip that doesn’t want to let go and it is a feeling of gratitude.

Throughout the show, Behemoth showed their boldness from their music and their presence on the stage delivered something entirely in ways that you could tell that audience was under a spell. Nergal  had the whole of The Forum in the palm of his hand and it was emotional to see. The familiar sounds of  older songs were welcomed such as Driven by the five winged star, Conquer all and Slaves shall serve by the fans, such as the same with newer songs from The Satanist. Highlights of the show were the audience especially women headbanging to the music and displaying such passion towards the band, also songs like Ov Fire and and the void and At the left hand ov god captured the essence of the whole show.
As the gig came to a close, I confess, there were tears in my eyes as this show reminded of such nostalgic times as a teenager listening to death/black metal and how much can be appreciated for music like this. Behemoth are growing and there are signs of no stopping them especially with an album like The Satanist.

Sarah Tsang

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