GIG REVIEW – Sepultura at O2 Islington Academy, London 6/02/14

“There’s a lot of shit being said around us, but we’re still here and we’re still Sepultura”

It is clear tonight that no measly tube strike is going to stop any Sepultura fan to be at this show, even if it does take hours and many buses.  Music will always win even if mother nature and greed was  try to take down everything tonight.  The buzzing around the room shows that the two support bands did their job and created an atmosphere that allowed Sepultura to give a bigger experience for the fans.  Sepultura opened with Trauma of war, the heaviness and loudness connected with each fan to the point of the room was spinning with hair and head bangers. Sepultura are known for their crazy sets and the passion that throws off on the stage. Tonight was dedicated to the fans, who stuck with all the changes and all the differences, these were the fans that stayed. Through out the show,  the band displayed passion and greatness from every song they played and ended with Roots, a song that started my interest in them.

Sarah Tsang

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