ALBUM REVIEW – Girugamesh – Monster

It’s been two years since Girugamesh has made a record, and they’ve made their mark in to the world again with a new album called Monster. It is sure that the changes that this band has been through are most welcomed in the fanbase considering the slight direction where the band was going two years ago. There were mixed reactions back then to what those albums were , but Monster kills all doubts and shows a new future for this band.
Monster opens with Drain, and it is with certainty that it has a much heavier sound, and that is the direction with this whole album. It has elements of synths and at times, Satoshi has those familiar guttural screams in songs such as  Voltage and Zantesukan  which gives you a sort of intense vibe that is giving off throughout each of the tracks.  The band isn’t really going back to their old styles but mixing both old and new styles and it works in a way that that the band knows where they want to go in their music.
A personal favourite is Limit break, from the start of the song, where it leads you in and the aggressiveness that makes you realise that this band displays creativity and emotion.
Monster ends with Takt, the music especially guitar riffs is what makes this song stand out , and in a way it would be great as just an instrumental song.
Girugamesh are growing and becoming a band of new expectations.


Sarah Tsang

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