There’s always something gratifying when being able to see a band for the first time, after supporting Lamb of God for 8 years. It is clear that this show was something special considering after this tour, the band explained they will be taking a break from touring and such.
Lamb of God played with aggression and power in their music and the way they played at this show,it showed evidently with the enjoyment of fans. Even with Mark Morton sitting out this tour for personal reasons, his step in, Paul Waggoner of Between the Buried and Me proved that this show didn’t lack anything but pure entertainment through out the show.
The band’s relentless playing allowed themselves why they are the band that they are to , Randy Blythe’s’s vocals were immense and the music pumped each fan with adrenaline. The energy and craziness through out the set especially for the song, Walk with me in hell, had the whole venue echoing the lyrics, and it was a goosebump sort of feeling.
Blythe’s humble but savage being contains much animistic subtlety , with his audience in the palm of his hand.
Classic songs such as Laid to Rest and Omerta give a great reception from the fans, while Desolution began the show with bright and flashing lights and much excitement.
The main highlight of this entire show was Rednecks and the introduction to this song “You all maybe from London but you all are REDNECKS!” And from that moment, everything was just thrown in our faces and hysteria was pursued.

It is comforting thought that Lamb of God are untouchable.

Sarah Tsang

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