If there was a band that could kickstart the year of metal, it would be Leaves Eyes. Tonight they played at The Garage, this venue has all the elements of an intimate gig but Leaves eyes knows how to bring out the passion in their fans, There are few  frontwoman that can stand out but Liv Kristen is one of them, with her inspiring  vocal range and stage presence.
The band opened with Galswintha , and it sets the tone for the rest of the night, with that opening drums to express the start of the song, the fans know immediately what this song is. Orchestral influences as well as Celtic made this the right sort of song to start out with. The blending of vocals of Liv and growls from her husband, Alex Krull, is quite the perfect balance and is actually quite mesmerising to listen and watch.
Throughout the show, especially with songs such as Symphonies of the night, Elegy, and my destiny, Leaves Eyes had such a positive response and the display of the band of power and symphonic sounds that gives this sort of goosebump feel. The audience sway to impressive guitar riffs that compliment the vocals. The certain atmospheric feeling around the room is distinctive and defines the taste of melodic/symphonic metal.
A personal favourite of the show was Froya’s theme, the build up of Liv’s vocals and the crashing of  instruments makes you imagine that you are in some kind of war battle that is won by the allies.  It showcases something what a band like Leaves Eyes does, and it’s a surreal feeling to be in.
It’s been a long time, since a show can feed off emotions just like that.


Sarah Tsang

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