GIG REVIEW – Kataklysm at Undeworld 13/01/14

First gig of 204 and it has started heavy and in all ways absolutely metal. The result of the carnage was drunk men moshing in the Underworld for Kataklysm show, supported by Fleshgod Apocalypse and Krisium.  So basically, just another day at the office. I have to commend the support bands for they gave performances that actually interested the crowd. Fleshgod Apocalypse , a band with alternative stage values in terms of appearances held the attention of fans through out the short set, which led to a few chants of fans wanting more. The drummer of the band was someone that stood out a lot in their set, which doesn’t often happen at shows unless they are like spinning around 360 on the drums.

Kataklysm, fresh with a new album, waiting for the end to come,they  opened the stage of the Undeworld to loud cheers and intensity . There’s a few ways to catch the attention, and Maurizio Iacono had the fans at the palm of his hand from the get go. He kneeled and screamed their first words of  Let them burn. From then on, the band threw as much power and energy in their set, letting fans come on stage to crowd surf and displaying they are a band of pure passion. A person favourite of the show had to be Kill the elite, a song that was met with crazy cheers and mosh pits.

Kataklysm started the year with great live music and a few bruises.

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