BLOG – Happy new year and top 10 concerts of 2013

Hi everyone, happy new year, it’s been a crazy six months for this little webzine and how  much has been going on during this time, thanks for taking the time to read and just hanging out here. We’re grateful for everything that has happened with RTM. Lots of things will be happening for 2014, and I hope that everyone will have a great year.

In the meantime, here are our top 10 concerts of 2o13

1) Dying Fetus at The Barfly 

If there was any gig that stood out the most, it would be Dying Fetus. It was the start of my love for small venue gigs, this show was everything i loved about a gig, no barriers, just loud music and the intensity of fans.  The whole room were just people stage diving, moshing and headbanging, which showed  how great this show was. It seems all death metal gigs should be just in small rooms , because the intimacy of like-minded fans is a highlight.

2) Sick of it all at Underworld

This band renewed my love for punk /hardcore music with a message. And this band has a definite message. It definitely got way too hot in that venue, which is nothing i’ve ever felt before,  to the point where my camera lens steamed up so I was unable to take photos. It was awesome just seeing everyone sing and move at the same time.

3) Bowling for Soup at Hammersmith Apollo 

It was a bittersweet moment to see Bowling for Soup for the last time even though they are still making albums. This show was three hours long of just random fun and moments that were unexpected. Singing my lungs out with every word of every song , it felt like i was 11 years old again. I cried near the end , it was just really amazing.

4) Bury Tomorrow at Islington Academy

This gig stood out a lot to me, because of the support band, Feed the Rhino as well as Bury Tomorrow. I became a fan of these two bands after this show. It was really fun which is something I never had at a gig in a long time.

5) Alter Bridge at Wembley Arena

Seeing Alter Bridge for the 3rd time really shows how much of a fan I am and how much I support this band. Their new album worked well for the show, and even though i couldn’t see half of the time, it was great just singing all the songs with my friends. All the classic songs basically made me cry because of hearing everyone sing that echoed around the Wembley.

6) Candlefest 2013 at Underworld 

I went to the first day of the festival only but even then, the bands that stood out were Palehorse and Anaal Nathrakh. Palehorse especially because of how intense this band is , and it was the first time I heard this band and it was something I’ve never experience before.

7) Fuckface Unstoppable at Underworld

This was the best gig I’ve been to in the summer. It was so much fun as a fan and a photographer. I never had so much fun at a gig before at the time. Bam Margera and band were just people who didn’t give a fuck and it made this gig so much better. The fans and just this attitude of doing whatever the band and fans wanted.

8) Amorphis at Islington Academy

Amorphis had the best stage set up , a kind of steam punk style thing. It was amazing just watching the band through out this set up. The music made me more interested in the band.

9) Dead Existence at The Garage

This band got me more in to sludge metal and it was just really great to listen to long winding music that keeps you on edge and that intense feeling where it makes you continuously interested in the music and the band. The atmosphere kept me wanting more from the band.

10) Mindless self indulgence at KOKO

This band bought back my love for them when i was 19. It was great just watching this band with much stage persona and giving their all to the fans.

Sarah Tsang

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