GIG REVIEW – Heaven’s Basement at the Roundhouse 14/12/13

There’s something about bands that know what they’re doing even when they’re are just the support band, which leaves a lasting impression on a young fan base that are  primarily  there for the main act. Heaven’s Basement are that band, even as a taster of a short setlist , it gave something to the fans below what they were to be expected. The band were the main support for Black Veil Brides and despite the differences in music genres , they never faltered through out their set.  Heaven’s Basement seem to support a wide range of diverse bands such as the time I saw them support a Japanese rock band in 2009, but even then there was something about their performance leading up to this point of their career.
Heaven’s basement opened with Welcome Home, a new song from their album that came out earlier this year, they ruptured the stage with presence with front man , Aaron Buchanan flailing his arms and strutting across the stage. A band that was well unknown a few years ago, has been slowly growing in size of fanbase and their band continuing to show what they are made off. As the set went on, it was their attitudes on stage that made it aware that they knew what they were doing, it was the highlight and it was evidence so much has changed for this band than the one I saw in 2009.

Heaven’s Basement will be headlining their own show next year and perhaps then, they will show their live performances in full force, and bringing their fans with them.


Sarah Tsang

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