GIG REVIEW – Mindless Self Indulgence at KOKO 29/11/13

It’s early, and I’ve arrived later than I realised, to the point where I missed the support bands but the air is buzzing with excitement.

It’s not really a surprise when a band like Mindless Self Indulgence have a legion of fans that are just as loud as the band which is shown in a positive light. This band knows how to have fun and this gig proved their full potential to their admiring fans.
Much to my amusement, chants of “anal sex” were echoing around KOKO  just before the band came on and it was a reminder how MSI fans are completely different from any fan base. Dedicated but also people who do what they want, exactly like the band.
The band opened up the show with Witness, a song that gives way to what the rest of the gig be like; much chaos and mayhem. Jimmy Urine is covered head to toe in white, however it’s hardly a distraction , as  his stage antics creates movement as he jumps all over the place. Lyn-Z is someone that  has this immense stage presence that can’t be faltered, even when other bass players just stand there , plucking away, Lyn-Z deals with it in a different way, making the show that more intense.
Sea of multi-coloured fans dance and jump to the music over the place as the band plays each song through the set list, with Jimmy making jokes and being cool all in between set songs. Other highlights of songs were Stupid MF , Never wanted to dance and Dicks are for my friends. 
There’s an admiration for the care free attitude from the band and the fans, perhaps that’s why their newest album is called “How I learned  to stop giving a shit and love Mindless self indulgence”, a lesson that to be yourself and this is what their shows and the band has always been about. 

Sarah Tsang

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