EP REVIEW – Simple Plan – Get your heart on – The second coming

So this is Simple Plan, carrying on with the Get Your Heart On chapter of their career, in the form of  an EP called Get your heart on – The second coming. The band will be working a 5th upcoming album and so this is a kind of early Christmas present for the discovery of the new upcoming album. Simple Plan have spoiled their devoted fans with the 7 song ep and given an exclusive preview to the record that will be released on December 3rd.
The EP opens with a track called “Ordinary life“, a catchy rock song about encouragement and realisation, which are the main themes of this ep, something that makes Simple Plan stand out. The lyrics  “I don’t wanna  wake up with my best years behind me, I think i better wake up before my life’s behind me” is like a message that’s hovering above you, catching you off guard and giving you something to think about. Throughout their career. there has been obvious changes to the sounds from the band within each record , however it can be seen as something positive, to keep moving on and experiment with consistency which is shown with this record. This is shown through songs such as Fire in my heart,  that evidently presents everything this band has recently shown in their music. Fire in my heart, is a song that can be imagined with thousands of fans singing “You lit a a fire in my heart”  back at the band. A  personal favourite is “Lucky one “, the 6th track to the album, mainly because it’s an acoustic song that shows off Pierre’s vocal range which is displayed with much energy throughout this whole ep.  Other highlights are songs such as Try and Outta my system.
It seems that no matter the changes that this band has been through, musicially and lyrically, it has always been a constant build up to the music that has fed the fans, and this ep is the window that allows the listener to know what the future holds for Simple plan.

Pre-Order the album here

If you can’t wait til December 3rd, you can listen to the whole ep here through Alterthepress


Sarah Tsang

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