GIG REVIEW – Warped Tour UK 2013

If there was anyway to describe the two days of Warped Tour at Alexandra Palace, it would be something that was filled with loud music, surprises, drama and  the fans that made the success of this year’s Warped Tour.
The 2nd year of this festival was something to look forward to, especially with Rise Against and Enter Shikari headlining both of the dates. The other side of the festival were skateboarders and BMX riders that entertained the crowd over the weekend in between breaks and band sets.

There were many changes that came about from last year, more stages that included the acoustic  basement stage and the merch market. Sticking with the American traditions is what makes Warped Tour unique especially with not knowing the stage times until the day and wondering what bands would be playing and the decision on what bands to see if clashed. On the first day, Attila opened up the festival on the West Stage  , exploding with sounds and displaying a performance to an audience who gets a taster for what was to come for the rest of the day.  FACT also opened up the festival but on the Jagermeister stage, the band played a pre-Warped show at Our Black Heart the night  before which was intimate  for their fans before coming to open up the festival, their set showed that despite not a lot of people know this band, they grabbed the attention of potential fans and showed how noticeable people are open minded in music. On the East Stage, which was right next to the West Stage (it’s very impressive to see how stage crew work quickly and promptly while a band on the West Stage plays, and then as soon as that band finishes, a band on the East Stage instantly comes on to play) Crossfaith comes and creates havoc for their set, for a band that has recently finally got attention , it is something that the band should be respected on. Each band member showed much passion especially Tamano Terufumi who jumped in to the crowd and crowd surfed. Other highlights were bands like Yellowcard, who were fresh off their acoustic show at Union Chapel , Parkway Drive who had confetti pouring down on to the stage through out their set and headline band , Rise Against who had the crowd singing with much heart and love for the band.

The second day of Warped Tour showed that the adrenaline of music can lead you to places that you shouldn’t be involved in, but despite the drama that happened; which included  a great set from Watsky, however,  his dangerous stunts overshadowed his performance, there were other greater surprises that happened for the rest of the day. Warped Tour Uk tweeted out that were was going to be a surprise set by A Day To Remember, and of course this excited everyone. A Day To Remember did an acoustic set , and if you’re were never a fan before, you would have been right then because it was something that was unexpected. While She Sleeps was a definitely one of the  highlights of day 2 , a band that is coming in to force and changing the views of potential fans with each performance.
The festival ended with an outstanding set from Enter Shikari with bright lights and the audience and band becoming one with their show.

Although Warped Tour UK may have ended for another year, it carries on for the rest of Europe. This festival has always stood out and will continue to do and grow its name in the midst of big festivals.

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