GIG REVIEW – Enter Shikari at Warped Tour UK 2013

With Vans Warped Tour UK being Enter Shikari’s last gig of the year as they go off to write the follow up to ‘A flash flood of colour’. They had to leave a mark in the minds of the fans.  Enter Shikari were headlining the second day of the festival.

Enter Shikari had the crowd eating out of their hands before they had even placed a single footstep onto the stage. They started with System… Meltdown and not soon after went straight into what I like to call their chicken dance song ‘Sorry you’re not a winner’. Rou asked to see the floor and that he did. A huge circle pit opened up for sssssnakepit and not one person didn’t get involved with fans on the outer circles dancing away. They played a great setlist with new snippets that they have released throughout the year. Radiate had everyone singing like it was a song released on their first album. Rat race and Paddington frisk didn’t slow down the pits either. They played one of my favourite songs off their new album ‘Ghandi mate, Ghandi’. Each member got on a drum for the intro before slamming straight into the song. Just when I thought the crowd was going to run out of energy Rou grips the microphone. ‘This is an expedition, into the arctic tundra’ the pit widens and the movement grows. Not done just yet they go into solidarity mixing it with Ok, time for Plan b before leaving the stage. Whilst hearing nothing but feedback on stage the crowd around me start singing ‘and still we will be here. Standing like statues’.  By the end, there were the familiar sounds of Zzzzonked. the audience were chanting for it before they even began, this lead everyone to join the massive pit for one final dance. I found my chance to roll out of the pit before everyone crashed in around me.

And with that much energy,  the crowd really out did themselves and Enter Shikari certainly left that mark in everyone’s mind.

IMG_8113 IMG_8142 IMG_8170 IMG_8208 IMG_8217


Words: Kiefer Outram
Photos: Sarah Tsang

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