GIG REVIEW – Sacred Mother Tongue at Underworld 28/10/13

Sacred Mother Tongue last ever gig as a band happened to be where the band first started , much memories have happened here, such as when they played with Hell Yeah and P.O.D earlier this year at The Underworld.  A lot of things can happen in 9 years as a band, the amount of opportunities and success has come to a bittersweet end. Perhaps it’s not bittersweet, but a celebration of everything that this band has shown and given to their fans.
The band co-headlined with Voodoo Six , evidently they gave it their all as they played through familiar songs, that a crowd would only understand and know from the hardworking lads. With much humour from Andy James and the brilliant voice of Darrin South. the energy from the boys , you wouldn’t think it’ll be their last show as a band. Loud and heavy is something that the band knows how to do and despite the sound  sometimes felt  underwhelming, it didn’t spoil the rest of the show.
In the middle of the show, they bought out a surprise, that surprise was Josh Gurner, ex-bassist of Sacred Mother Tongue, now bassist of Hacktivist, he was given a warm welcome from the crowd. After one song, Gurner instantly crowd surfed from the front to the back which was amusing to watch considering the layout of the venue.
Highlights of the gig, were the songs A light will shine, Seven and Evolve/Become that built the charisma and charm that Sacred Mother Tongue showed in the show. Darrin’s speech was sincere and may have created more support from the fans for a band that’s splitting up.
As the lights dim to darkness, the band left the stage and so did half of the venue which shows how much this band has affected their fanbase to be only here for them.

And so it’s a goodbye to the band that could be seen in two ways, on the verge of a new beginning, or the end of an era.


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