GIG REVIEW – Impericon: Never Say Die Tour 2013

The Impericon: Never say Die tour , now in their 5th year played at Electric Ballroom, London as part of their Europe tour. A  night to be witnessed of loud epic proportions that  filled the Ballroom with crowd surfers and many bands on the bill that created much chaos.  It’s been a tour that has been heavily promoted across London and with great cause for it as Emmure were headliners for the tour. The concept of an indoor mini festival has always been greatly accepted mainly for intimacy between bands and fans. Drones of those with much love for the metal and deathcore genres were easily noticed to show their displayed support for each band.

Hand of Mercy came on early as first band of the set and despite this , it allowed Hand of Mercy  to be the first to build up the anticipation of what was to come. a teaser of intensity that broke the silence.
On next were Northlane and Hundredth, these twp bands were some of the highlights of the the night, and with the crowd growing bigger , it allowed both bands to show what they were made of. Northlane songs fed the crowd in to motion especially with Dispossession and Corruption that showed much appreciation and positive reactions from the crowd in the form of mosh pits.
With constant flashing lights through out their set, Betraying the Martyrs were definitely a band that stood out and made their own way in to the show, differentiating themselves to become something of a crazy scene. There’s something about a band where their on stage persona gives the listener/watcher goosebumps from their music and who they are. Frontman, Aaron Matts‘ has a way of involving the crowd and in a way hypnotising with his eyes rolled back in to his head, aswell as keyboardist Victor Guillet who was constantly rushing around , and hyping up everyone in the ballroom

I killed the prom queen  held on with every ounce of creativity that flowed through the venue , with heavy riffs that captured what a metal/metal core show should be  like, exactly loud and brutal in the ears of the folk.
Carnifex were the heaviest band on the set list and they were a personal favourite of mine of the whole show, the hectic drum beats, guitars, the growls of Scott Lewis grabbed my attention for what they represented and led me in to some kind of trance with an awe expectancy for a band that carried music upon waves of mosh pits.  This was a band that evidently was a favourite for many others who wore their t-shirts.
The Impericon tour ended with top headliners , Emmure who remained consistent in their playing through out the gig,  covering every aspect and to hear the echoes of fans singing back the lyrics to the band was something to be witnessed as it was rowdy and brilliant to see and hear.
As the doors close for the Impericon Tour in London and onwards to the rest of the UK and Europe, it is a reminder why this tour is special, why it will keep carrying on, and with music such as this, it will bound to continuously get bigger and louder.


Sarah Tsang

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