SONG OF THE DAY – Man The Machetes – Mageplask

Here’s a song to brighten up your gloomy rainy day, Norwegian band, Man The Machetes has released a new single, Mageplask with a music video. The song will set out to come out on November 25th, it is taken from their latest album,  ŒIdiokrati which came out earlier this year. Mageplask features heavy vocals that is addictive to listen to, and can easily be imagined to draw in a crowd whether it be fans or curious people never have heard of this band. The energy in this song is what sets this band about especially with the melodic riffs that bleeds creatively through Mageplask.   An appropriate name for a growing band who are successfully creeping through the music industry.

Check out the song below:


Man The Machetes will be playing at The Underworld as support for 36 Crazyfists  on 14th and 18th November.

Buy tickets here 


Sarah Tsang

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