ALBUM REVIEW – Satyricon – Satyricon

The introduction leads the listener into a triumphant atmosphere, like they themselves are walking free from a war, bloodstained and victorious. The slowed approaches of the guitars with quietness of the drums illustrate emotions of reprieve, and saddened reflections of those lost in the struggle.

When the vocalist kicks in, the gruffness speaks volumes, reliving the regret and anger. The protagonist of the album may be recreating the images in their mind of the revolutionary efforts to gain power or self-control over their life.

Speed is picked up upon the drums, like the strengthening heartbeat from adrenaline being pumped through their veins, allowing the imagery of bloodlust, fury and vengeance to take hold.

As the story ventures on, the music softens more, giving sense of redemption.

With this album’s approach, Satyricon have nicely blended elements of black metal, melodic metal and hard rock, comparable to past releases where thrash (The Age of Nero, 2008) and alternative metal (Now, Diabolical 2006) influences are in the fore.

With each play of the tracks, there are slight textures reminiscent of vintage CD releases, or vinyl, the vocals and the strength of the instrumentals deliberately tuned out as if this whole experience is a distant memory coming to the conscious state of mind.

Availability: Spotify, Amazon Music



Lauren Richards- Evans

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