BLOG – Should bands always follow the needs of fans?

Short answer: No.

Long answer: It’s pretty much an  easy question to answer but a lot of the time, fans believe that the bands they listen to think they  owe them something when bands don’t owe you nothing. I’ve learnt over the years , bands/music have never saved lives, it’s the fact that music has lead you to realise a lot of things, a way of dealing with it and because of that, it was the start of change and being pro-active.
If a band were to gave in to every fan request of asking to sing this song instead, (even though they have a setlist already on show), to go back to when they were “good ” again, to go to every city that fan is in , that band would basically be the worst band i’d have ever heard.  Be respectable and give support by buying their CDs, and going to shows.

Sarah Tsang

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