GIG REVIEW – Bury Tomorrow at O2 Islington Academy 04.10.13

I wanna see a twerk pit! -Davyd Winter-Bates  – London 2013.

Last date of the tour and a  sold out venue , what better way to celebrate that by playing and promoting Union of Crowns album in London? Not bad for a band that is growing and gaining much success to the point of playing at festivals such as Reading and Download.
After three support bands, including Feed The Rhino where frontman , Lee Tobin jumped off the speakers, and in to the crowd , causing  momentary reckoning, Bury Tomorrow comes on to the stage and instantly show why they rightfully deserve to be the headline act of this tour.

The band opened the show with Redeemer , a song that put the crowd in to motion with its melodic values and roughness at the same time, and as you hear the crowd singing back those words of “Oh shallow man for this is not the end,
the time hast come for strength, please don’t give in”  , it is sure understanding that this show will live up to any expectations and break down those that had no clue of what would happen.  As the set list gets heavier with songs especially with Sceptres, which recently was made in to a music video, the outbreak of circle pits and screaming fans doesn’t falter or waiver but carries on as if the band are their captains and they are the army.  Other highlights of the setlist were Message to a King, Knight Life and especially Royal Blood mainly because during the song as I was standing at the front right hand side, I lost count of the many people that crowd surfed to the front and the ensued hilarity of someone stage diving…
This is a band that likes to have fun, and so in between breaks of songs, they interacted with the fans with much humour and displayed honesty for the fanbase that lead them to where they stood on the stage of Islington Academy. This included, when the band got everyone on the floor to sit down and then jump up, Dani asking people to lift strangers on their shoulders for one song and when they bought out Spiderman on to the stage, to have a crowd surf race with a fan to the other side of the room.

Bury Tomorrow ended with Lion heart as an encore song, an emotional end to the tour.  Overall it was loud, crazy and messy, and no-one would have it any other way.  This is a band that deserves bigger recognition for the work that they do. It is with definite assurance that when a band like Bury Tomorrow comes to town, it’ll be one of the best shows you will witness.

See you next time.

Sarah Tsang

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