GIG REVIEW -The devil wears prada at O2 Islington Academy 02.10.13

Mid-week , and The Devil Wears Prada are playing the O2 Islington Academy, as  they are promoting their new album, 8:18.

There is always something gratifying  when a band knows what they’re doing through recording or on the stage and Devil wears prada are no exception. As soon as they rolled  on to the stage, the band instantly made sure of their rowdy presence to the crowd standing before them. Bursting forth, a band that has ways of surprising and gaining  a number of new fans, they played through a setlist that had a mixture of songs that got the crowd pumped and feeling mellow at the same time. Frontman, Mike Hranica has this massive stage persona that makes you aware of who he is , keeping your eyes set on him, but never distracted of what the music is blaring out. As he runs and creates chaos across the stage. the rest of the band work together, creating this atmosphere which  led the group of people that were behind me , singing  and  the circle pits that grew throughout the show. When a crowd does exactly what you want them to do, you know you are getting somewhere. The band displayed great workmanship  , and by the time the song, Outnumbered is played, the energy in the room from band and audience is something to be witnessed, it has to be commended of how the band remained consistent and interacted with everyone.
Other highlights were First sights, and the moment where every person in the room shouted “I KNOW A GHOST” in response to the song, Danger: Wildman.  A song that got  many people to sing back  at the band with so much passion and enthusiasm that it was almost like a calling for Mike to come to the right hand side of the pit where I was standing as if to thank them.

As I walked out in to Islington, slinking back to the warm air, and the sounds of Devil wears prada in my ears, it is a constant reminder that just as the phrase goes “Never judge a book by its cover”; always check out the band live because you never know what you may expect.


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