NEWS – Upcoming albums in 2013

Suddenly there’s about three months left for the rest of 2013. Music wise , it has been arguably the best for new album releases and the amount of shows that have happened for this year.
Check out  some of the upcoming releases that you should look out for –


Band – Touche Amore
Album – Is Survived By
Release – 24th September

Band – Dream Theater
Album – Dream Theater
Release – 24th September


Band – Hatesphere
Album – Murderlust
Release – 27th September


Band – Alter bridge
Album – Fortress
Release – 30th September



Band – Scar the Martyr
Album – Scar the Martyr
Release – 1st October


Band – Korn
Album – The Paradigm Shift
Release – 4th October


Band – Soulfly
Album – Savages
Release – 4th October


Band – Pearl Jam
Album – Lightning Bolt
Release – 14th October


Band – Pelican
Album – Forever Becoming
Release – 15th October


Band – Motorhead
Album – Aftershock
Release – 21st October


Band – Temple of Baal
Album – Verses of fire
Release – 22nd October


Band – Kataklysm
Album – Waiting for the end to come
Release – 25th October


Band – Warbringer
Album –IV: Empires collapse
Release – 25th October


Band – Sepultura
Album – The mediator between the head and hands must be the heart
Release – 25th October


Band – Ayreon
Album – The theory of everything
Release – 28th October


Band – Winds of plague
Album –Resistance
Release – 29th October


Band – Protest the hero
Album – Volition
Release – 29th October

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