ALBUM REVIEW – Digicore – More than just an ape

Welcome to the disjointed world of Digicore, in the form of their latest album, More than just an ape.  The album features eleven songs filled with intensity throughout the record.
More than just an ape opens with In to ruin, a melancholy feel of a  song that leads the rest of the album with such eeriness that the listener is forgiven for what they would expect for the next ten songs, perhaps even a false sense of realisation that this album is anything other than a dream,  when infact this album is packed to the brim in a box that is ready to explode.
In to ruin  flows easily  in to the next track, You’re not like me , which lifts of that lid and catches us off-guard in to something that we will never understand but respect at the same time. The song features lyrics that screams at us with a message that standing your guard because we’re not the same. Recently , particularly in the rock world, mixing genres is something that is happening and becoming bigger, mostly with electronica, dubstep mixed with rock. Sometimes it works , sometimes it drags on, however Digicore works well with it especially in More than just an ape. it is with its tension that is built up musically throughout the record that keeps you energised and motivated to keep listening. The songs consumes the listener with this intimidating discontent but that’s what music should be, it should lead you in only to give this fear that this is nothing you ever expected so you keep listening because it is something that provides you with life and substance.
In some ways this band is like the love child of Celldweller and Innersystemparty, only to escape with stand out lyrics, vocals and music that takes you in.
Songs that stand out are Flesh is weakness, The great devourer , You’re not like me, Disconnected, you can only  imagine if this is what this sounds like on record, how crazy would it be in a live atmosphere?

This album is filled with surprises that smothers you in to a world unknown.

Listen and keep up with the pace that this album contains.

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