SONG OF THE DAY – King Canute – The whole damn world

Here’s a song to keep you going throughout the day, it’s called The whole damn world by rock band , King Canute.  Filled with  melodic riffs and a build up of  angst and energy , the song is bound to catch the attention of listeners. It can be imagined that in a live setting, the front man would have this eccentricity that would definitely shower the crowd in all the band’s immensity. The song captures both light and dark, a perfect balance of what music should be.

Listen to the song below and allow yourself to be caught up in what the band expresses.

King Canute tour in September, here are the following dates –

Tuesday 3rd September – The Railway, Southend.
Wednesday 4th September – Nambucca, London
Thursday 5th September – The Hop, Sheffield
Friday 6th September – Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham
Saturday 7th September – Vintage Rock Bar, Doncaster.

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