REVIEW – Trivium – Brave this Storm

When it comes to releasing new songs and albums Trivium are frequently criticised for their change in sound and even appearance with each new album usually being compared to 2005’s Ascendancy or 2008’s Shogun yet they still push on and release new albums sounding different to the previous one.

Brave This Storm from the new album Vengeance Falls begins with a Trivium sound of fast guitars before the drums kick in with a beat similar to the intro of Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr followed by clean vocals not dissimilar to their second album The Crusade.

The song follows this thrash sound of fast guitars and cleanish vocals with the odd scream thrown in throughout. Sure, it’s not Ascendancy, but bands like to change and mature and it appears Trivium is doing the same. Music, however, is subjective so others may disagree, but we’ll leave that to the comments section once you’ve had a listen:

Personally, I quite enjoyed the track. As I said, it’s no Ascendancy track nor does it appear to have the groove of Shogun’s first track Kirisute Gomen (or Let’s go Eat Ramen, if parody is your thing), but I’ll definitely be checking out the album when it becomes available.

If you took a liking to the song it can be downloaded at

Pete Kent

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