ALBUM REVIEW – Shape Shifters by b4by f4ce

Further to the annoucement that b4by f4c3 aka Frank Angotti will be no more, he has released a new shiny album called Shape Shifters for his last ever release.  If you leave the industry, you better do it in a way that will makes you remember-able and that is what exactly Shape Shifters is like.
The album starts off strong, leading in to  dark sense of emotion to an oncoming adventure of spontaneous desires, the thing that  I have always had a respect for b4by f4c3 is that he isn’t afraid to stand out , making a statement, and spilling out thoughts through his records. He allows his listeners to be fed by what he knows and the chances he takes especially with the fact that he doesn’t use a LSDJ nanoloop. Each song is a journey with no ending and that isn’t a bad thing, it is the direction  that Shape Shifters is  taking you to places you’ve never been with a constant train of thoughts to never stop especially with the song Humanity is fucked because you dropped it  which is a personal favourite of mine. It’s creative and builds up in to something especially with the audio of Charlie Chaplin of his infamous movie speech,  In All my friends are gay, it is easy to imagine, how people will go crazy to this on a live setting.  So with a journey that leads to nowhere, the album keeps you on your toes, it is best to listen with headphones because if you listen with your eyes closed, a swarm of bees sound like they flying around you in Humanity is fucked but perhaps it’s because I was half alseep when I listened to the song the first time.

So here’s to b4by f4c3 and everything he has done, for more awareness of this genre, for the art, and for a new beginning.

One response to “ALBUM REVIEW – Shape Shifters by b4by f4ce

  1. It’s too bad what the music world is losing, a very talented, imaginative and self taught musician. I think a lot of you didn’t get his music because you didn’t open your mind or ears. I wish b4by f4c3 the best of luck in whatever his new beginning may be.

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