SONG OF THE DAY – Beth Sherburn – Overload

It’s nearing the end of summer, and in typical UK weather fashion, there are clouds in the sky, rather the hot sun that has been soaking the country like the last month or so, but music wise there’s the taste of fun and life in the form of a song called Overload by Beth Sherburn.  This dance number is a reminder of  beaches and alcohol, a reminiscent memory of what summer has been like. It is a catchy song and it clear that perhaps in the future it will be played in night clubs to a crowd that are aware of songs like Overload but know that it will do well.  Another positive is that the song is remixed by The Alias, who are have been responsible for artists like Cheryl Cole and Little Mix, and because of this, there is a knowledge that this song will be successful.

Listen to the song below

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